Episode 38 – Suicide Squad

This week on our show we’re talking about comics, and we go deep on the most divisive movie of the summer, that’s right folks, we’re talking Suicide Squad.

Episode 37 – Fan Expo Canada

This week on Sequential Fiction, Brian talks to Kevin Boyd,the comics co-ordinate at Fan Expo Canada about this year’s show, the guests, the venue, and lots more.

Episode 29 – Comics News and More

It was a HUGE week in comics and pop culture. There is a ton of Movie and TV news including the debut of Preacher on AMC, the Flash season finale. The comics world wasn’t quiet either with Comixology Unlimited, the DC Rebirth launch…and a brand new logo for DC Comics.

Episode 6 – Top Ten Comic Book Movies

This week’s episode focuses on movies, specifically Brian and Liam’s Top 10 Comic Book Movies. A note to all of our supporters, if you love Sequential Fiction and want to hear more episodes, please, please, PLEASE tell your friends! ┬áTell them to subscribe to Sequential Fiction on iTunes, and leave a review! Follow us on […]