Episode 49 – Ranking the 2016 Comic Movies

This week on Sequential Fiction, Brian and Liam talk about the comic related movies of 2016, and talk about where the movies of 2016 rank for us. We also give a quick preview of 2017, talk about our comic picks of the week, and discuss some upcoming shows.

Episode 35 – San Diego Comic Con News

San Diego Comic Con was held July 21–24 at the San Diego Convention Center, it’s the show every year that sees every major comics player, as well as most of the major Hollywood players converge. There is so much news that comes out of San Diego every year, and this year was no exception. This week Sequential Fiction summarizes the big news from the biggest show of the year in comics, movies, and pop culture.

Episode 34 – Big Trouble in Little China

This week on Sequential Fiction, we’re going back 30 years to Big Trouble in Little China, and we finally talk about Batman v Superman. All this, and we’ve got Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week!

Episode 10 – The Horror

This week’s episode is a HORROR fest as Liam and Brian discuss their 10 favourite lesser known horror films. For each movie on the list, they also paired up a comic book with it! What made it to Liam’s list, what made it to Brian’s list, and what were they each upset about for not […]

Episode 6 – Top Ten Comic Book Movies

This week’s episode focuses on movies, specifically Brian and Liam’s Top 10 Comic Book Movies. A note to all of our supporters, if you love Sequential Fiction and want to hear more episodes, please, please, PLEASE tell your friends!  Tell them to subscribe to Sequential Fiction on iTunes, and leave a review! Follow us on […]