Episode 48 – November Comic Previews

On the latest Sequential Fiction, we’re talking about New Comic Previews from November 2016 for comics shipping in January 2017. Listen to what we think will be good, and let us know what you think looks great.

Episode 42 – Comic Previews for November 2016

On this week’s episode of Sequential Fiction, Brian runs a solo show as he talks games, and a look at some great comics coming out in November.

Episode 23 – February Comic Previews

This week, after recovering from a wicked sinus infection, Brian is back to talk comics, pop culture, and more. The show starts off with a recapping of the week’s comic and pop culture news, moves in to Brian’s favourite comics of the week, and then gets to the cover story which is all about the February Diamond Comics Previews.

Episode 20 – Southern Cross

This week on Sequential Fiction Brian interviews the artist of Southern Cross – Andy Belanger. We talk about what went in to creating the sci-fi space epic, what it’s like working with writer Becky Cloonan, how long the story has been in development, and what we can expect from the next volume of the series.

Episode 19 – January Previews

This week’s episode is a fun show about the monthly Diamond Comics Previews catalogue, as well as a discussion about the nature of spoilers in today’s always on, on demand world. When is something no longer a spoiler? When can we safely discuss something?

Episode 18 – 2015 Year End Review

After a one week hiatus, Sequential Fiction is back with a solo episode starring Brian, Kaylin, and Maks. We have comic picks of the week, we’ve got the Secret Origin of All New Comics, and a year-end review with Maks and Kaylin, who shared their favourite movies, tv shows and their favourite games.

Episode 15 – December Previews

This week’s episode was dedicated to the December Comic Previews, but also saw a little bit of action around some awesome new movie trailers, and of course Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week. Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week Brian’s Pick of the Week: TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1 by Greg Pak […]

Episode 12 – November Previews

This week’s episode features the November Previews with Brian flying solo and Liam out “on assignment” (read – playing Fallout 4). Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week. Brian gave away two comic picks of the week. We Stand on Guard #5 Short and simple, the solicitation reads “The bloodiest battle yet”, this is […]

Episode 9 – The Star Wars

The Megacast welcomes Liam back from his brief illness, as the guys get together to talk comics, movies, and a bit of TV. Remember: tell your friends to subscribe to Sequential Fiction on iTunes, and leave a review! Follow us on Twitter @sequentialfic Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week Presented by All New […]

Episode 7 – A Tale of Sand

It’s another week of comics and pop culture news and reviews. Brian and Liam are back, a little more stuffed with Turkey and a little later than normal (due to the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, this episode dropped on Tuesday October 13th). This week in addition to the usual comics of the week, Brian and Liam […]