Episode 42 – Comic Previews for November 2016

On this week’s episode of Sequential Fiction, Brian runs a solo show as he talks games, and a look at some great comics coming out in November.

Episode 41 – Fan Expo Canada Review

On this week’s episode of Sequential Fiction, Brian and Liam talk about Fan Expo Canada. They talk about their experiences at the show of shows this year, their highlights, lowlights and in-between lights.

Episode 40 – One Year Later and 5 Favourite Comic Writers

This week Sequential Fiction celebrates our one year anniversary. It’s been a year since Brian saw Kevin Smith at the Windsor Comicon and took up the challenge to create a podcast. One year after we went live with our first Sequential Fiction, how have things changed?

Episode 39 – Game On! Gamescom 2016

This week on Sequential Fiction, we’re debuting a new regular gaming feature as Brian talks with his friend and Canadian Press writer – Curtis Withers about all things gaming. Up first this week is a chat about Gamescom

Episode 38 – Suicide Squad

This week on our show we’re talking about comics, and we go deep on the most divisive movie of the summer, that’s right folks, we’re talking Suicide Squad.

Episode 37 – Fan Expo Canada

This week on Sequential Fiction, Brian talks to Kevin Boyd,the comics co-ordinate at Fan Expo Canada about this year’s show, the guests, the venue, and lots more.

Episode 36 – The Ultimate Captains

This week on Sequential Fiction, Brian and Liam talk about their favourite starship captains of all time. From Admiral Adama to Grand Nagus Zek, they pick the best of the best.

All this, plus Brian and Liam’s comic picks of the week!

Episode 35 – San Diego Comic Con News

San Diego Comic Con was held July 21–24 at the San Diego Convention Center, it’s the show every year that sees every major comics player, as well as most of the major Hollywood players converge. There is so much news that comes out of San Diego every year, and this year was no exception. This week Sequential Fiction summarizes the big news from the biggest show of the year in comics, movies, and pop culture.

Episode 34 – Big Trouble in Little China

This week on Sequential Fiction, we’re going back 30 years to Big Trouble in Little China, and we finally talk about Batman v Superman. All this, and we’ve got Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week!

Episode 33 – Comics Previews September 2016

This week we talk new comics shipping September 2016, a drop in digital sales, what a fantastic month June 2016 was for new comics sales (the largest increase since December 1997), and much more!