Episode 12 – November Previews

This week’s episode features the November Previews with Brian flying solo and Liam out “on assignment” (read – playing Fallout 4). Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week. Brian gave away two comic picks of the week. We Stand on Guard #5 Short and simple, the solicitation reads “The bloodiest battle yet”, this is […]

Episode 11 – Bats and Bethesda

  This week Brian and Liam talk about some of their favourite things, discuss the legacy of George Barriss, and the antici……..pation for Bethesda’s latest game Fallout 4. Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week Brian – Desparate Times Liam – Various by Vaughn Bode Brian mentioned the passing of George Barriss, who passed away at 89 […]

Episode 10 – The Horror

This week’s episode is a HORROR fest as Liam and Brian discuss their 10 favourite lesser known horror films. For each movie on the list, they also paired up a comic book with it! What made it to Liam’s list, what made it to Brian’s list, and what were they each upset about for not […]

Episode 9 – The Star Wars

The Megacast welcomes Liam back from his brief illness, as the guys get together to talk comics, movies, and a bit of TV. Remember: tell your friends to subscribe to Sequential Fiction on iTunes, and leave a review! Follow us on Twitter @sequentialfic Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week Presented by All New […]

Episode 8 – The Forest City Comicon

This week is a slightly abbreviated episode as Brian was flying solo with Liam out sick. It was a busy week in the London Comics Scene as the second annual Forest City Comicon blew the doors off the Convention Centre in London Ontario. Presented by All New Comics – All New Comics is your Online […]

Episode 7 – A Tale of Sand

It’s another week of comics and pop culture news and reviews. Brian and Liam are back, a little more stuffed with Turkey and a little later than normal (due to the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, this episode dropped on Tuesday October 13th). This week in addition to the usual comics of the week, Brian and Liam […]

Episode 6a – October Previews

This week we have a special bonus episode of Sequential Fiction.  Brian is flying solo talking about the October Previews for comics being released in December 2015. Brian will talk to you about what looks good this month, his own personal pick, something Liam thought looked good, and Peter from All New Comics has his […]

Episode 6 – Top Ten Comic Book Movies

This week’s episode focuses on movies, specifically Brian and Liam’s Top 10 Comic Book Movies. A note to all of our supporters, if you love Sequential Fiction and want to hear more episodes, please, please, PLEASE tell your friends!  Tell them to subscribe to Sequential Fiction on iTunes, and leave a review! Follow us on […]

Episode 5 – The Forest City Comicon Preview

Sequential Fiction is all about The Forest City Comicon this week, there’s a big announcement, a beer of the week, Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the week, and our first guest interview, this week with John Houghton of the Forest City Comicon. Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the week. Presented by All New […]

Episode 4 – The Big Fight

This week’s episode sees Brian and Liam argue about what Liam terms as “Brian’s horrible taste in movies”. Liam thinks that Brian’s taste has always been suspect due in part to his love of Michael Bay movies. Brian thinks that Liam is occasionally a jerk.  In this episode we learn who is right. First – […]