Episode 32 – Marvel Unlimited

In this week’s episode we talk comics, movie news, comic picks of the week, the Brexit, and we get a little political as we discuss the rise of “Post-Factual Democracy”, and we look at our favourite picks from Marvel’s absolutely incredible Marvel Unlimited

Episode 31 – Rebirth Revisited

This week we are talking comic news, video games, movies, the Niagara Falls Comicon, and DC Rebirth! There was a bit of an audio issue this week, and Brian’s audio is not up to our usual standards. Rather than prevent you from listening to the episode, we tried to clean it up as best as possible.

Episode 30 – Jay D’ici of Conceptual Heist

This week’s show features writer Jay D’ici, who is behind “Conceptual Heist”, a webcomic that celebrates its one year anniversary this month, and will launch its 100th strip on June 9th.

Episode 29 – Comics News and More

It was a HUGE week in comics and pop culture. There is a ton of Movie and TV news including the debut of Preacher on AMC, the Flash season finale. The comics world wasn’t quiet either with Comixology Unlimited, the DC Rebirth launch…and a brand new logo for DC Comics.

Episode 28 – Darwyn Cooke

This week’s episode we talk about Darwyn Cooke who passed away on May 14th, as well as an overview of TCAF, and much more on Sequential Fiction.

Episode 27 – Deadpool

This week Brian and Liam talk comics news, how your comics collection could land you in jail in Canada, Deadpool, and Brian and Liam’s comic picks of the week!

Episode 26 – Our Favourite Event Comics

This week on Sequential Fiction, Brian and Liam discuss their five favourite comic book event, they talk a little comic news, and share their comic picks of the week.

Episode 25 – DC Comics Rebirth

In this week’s episode Liam makes his grand return after spending three months in Thailand. The lads talk about comics, discussing some classic runs that Liam re-read while overseas, and talk about what Legacy means to them in comics.

Episode 24 – Auroraman with Jeff Burton

We’re back! After a brief hiatus, Sequential Fiction returns with a brand new interview.

Jeff Burton is the writer of Auroraman, he and Brian spoke about the character, his artist Justin Shauf, and their brand new Kickstarter.

Episode 23 – February Comic Previews

This week, after recovering from a wicked sinus infection, Brian is back to talk comics, pop culture, and more. The show starts off with a recapping of the week’s comic and pop culture news, moves in to Brian’s favourite comics of the week, and then gets to the cover story which is all about the February Diamond Comics Previews.