Episode 6 – Top Ten Comic Book Movies

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Episode 6 - Top Ten Comic Book Movies
Episode 6
Episode 6

This week’s episode focuses on movies, specifically Brian and Liam’s Top 10 Comic Book Movies.

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The show started with:

Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week

Brian’s Comic of the Week

Justice League #44
Justice League #44

Justice League #44
Part of the Darkseid War.  Written by Geoff Johns, with art by Jason Fabok, who is in the vein of Ivan Reis and Jim Lee.
Lex Luthor, Superman, Batman as Bat-God, Wonder Woman’s evil sister…and THE DEATH OF A NEW GOD!!! This one really has it all.

Liam’s Comic of the Week

New Suicide Squad
New Suicide Squad

The New Suicide Squad

Written by Sean Ryan with art by Jeremy Roberts.  Features Deathstroke, Black Manta, Joker’s Daughter, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot.  Most recently the team has included Boomerang and Reverse Flash.

Our Comic Book Movie Top 10.


Brian and Liam discussed their favourite comic book movies. Their list goes fairly deep with selections from 1980 right up until 2014!

For a full list of superhero movies see this great Wikipedia article:

List of films based on comics

If you want to hear our picks, you have to listen to the episode!