Episode 39 - Gamescom
Episode 39 – Gamescom

This week on Sequential Fiction, we’re debuting a new regular gaming feature as Brian talks with his friend and Canadian Press writer – Curtis Withers about all things gaming.  Up first this week is a chat about Gamescom, the gaming convention held annually in Cologne Germany where over 340,000 people from countries all over the world show up to celebrate video games.

But first, it’s our regular feature, Brian and Liam’s comic picks of the week!

Brian’s Comic Pick of the Week:

Teen Titans: Earth One Volume 2

Picking right up after the cliffhanger ending to the first volume, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra and Aqualad are in desperate straits–they’re homeless, destitute, and on the run from Cadmus, the project that created them. Unfortunately, Cadmus has more surprises up its sleeve… and a whole new set of teenage weapons, with none of the bothersome morals of the originals!

From writer Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH, ANIMAL MAN) and illustrator Andy McDonald comes the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed original graphic novel in TEEN TITANS: EARTH ONE VOL. 2!

Cover Story: Games Com 2016

Curtis and Brian talked about some of the news coming out of GamesCom 2016.  The guys talked about Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, and new features coming to Destiny.

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