Episode 21 - Auric of the Great White North
Episode 21 – Auric of the Great White North

This week on Sequential Fiction Brian talks to Andrew Thomas and Davis Dewsbury, the duo responsible for Auric of the Great White North published by Great North Comics.

Liam is still off as he gets settled in Thailand for the next three months, but he will return next week.

In the meantime, “Comics of the Week” duties fall to Brian, who has a couple of cool picks.

Before we get to the episode, here is our standard housekeeping.

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Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week:

Humble Image Comics Creator’s Bundle – featuring 26 amazing creator owned collections.

Jupiter’s Circle Volume 1

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Walking Dead #150

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Feature Story – Auric of the Great White North

Brian spoke with Davis Dewsbury and Andrew Thomas about Auric of the Great White North, the comic, the story behind the comic, and their successful Kickstarter campaign.