Episode 15 – December Previews

Sequential Fiction
Sequential Fiction
Episode 15 - December Previews
Episode 15
Episode 15

This week’s episode was dedicated to the December Comic Previews, but also saw a little bit of action around some awesome new movie trailers, and of course Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week.

Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week

Brian’s Pick of the Week:
TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1 by Greg Pak and Frank Cho
Greg Pak wrote the “Planet Hulk” and “World War Hulk” storylines.  Frank Cho is well known not only for Liberty Meadows and Shanna the She-Devil, Mighty Avengers, Savage Wolverine. He’s really well known for drawing both “Babes” and “Dinosaurs”.

Liam’s Picks of the Week:

We Stand On Guard by Image Comics, written by Brian K Vaughn and Steve Skroche.

The 6th and final issue comes out this week!

Invincible Iron Man – Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Art by David Marquez

Written by Bendis, it’s a very fresh take on Iron Man.

Also up this week the guys talked about the December Diamond Previews.

First up – Marvel Previews
Spider-Man #1 which features the Ultimate Universe’s Miles Morales in the regular Marvel Universe.Marvel is confusing me, because I don’t understand what this whole “Secret Wars” thing has done, the series isn’t even set to be done until January, but the existing comics are all featuring the results of what has happened in a post Secret Wars world…so I guess we are just along for the ride?Avengers Standoff – the beginning of the next big Marvel Event. It looks like this will kind of mirror a bit of what will be going on with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Power Man and Iron Fist – a new series that looks like it might be kind of more ight hearted?

Dark Horse Comics:
Aliens 30th anniversary Hardcover
Released in 1988 with art by Mark Nelson and written by Mark Verhelden. This was incredible stuff at the time, really elaborate, and it’s a straight up sequel to Aliens.
This is an oversized hardcover, for $39.95, and it’s all Black and White.

The Goon, once upon a hard time.
Eric Powell, 136pages, $16.99

All New Comics pick of the month:
The Coming of the Supermen
Written and drawn by the legendary Neal Adams
6 issue mini-series featuring Superman and three of his Kandorian brothers teaming up to defeat Darkseid.

Dark Knight Returns – The Last Crusade.
This is another prequel to The Dark Knight Returns, which builds upon the Dark Knight Universe.  It will be prestige format, 64 pages. Written by Frank Miller and Azarello, art by John Romita Jr.Wonder Woman Earth One
Written by Grant Morrison, art by Yanick PaquetteColouring DC: Batman Hush and Batman Adventures Mad Love TPB
Each are $15.99, done on heavy stock, about 100 pages each.

Blackest Night Unwrapped HC
This is a pencils only version of DC’s 8 issue mini-series from a few years back. This will show us Ivan Reis’s art in all of it’s pencilled glory.

Darwyn Cooke action figures
Batman, Harley Quinn, Adam Strange, Supergirl (with Krypto and Streaky)

IDW – Al Williamson’s Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back Artist’s Edition HC

Top Shelf – March Book One HC
Created by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell, this is an awesome civil rights story, it’s Lewis’ memior about the civil rights movement.  This is an oversized hardcover, 128 pages for $29.99

Image – Walking Dead 151
Read Walking Dead

Image – Invincible
Complete and total reboot, I’m interested in reading some of this.

JOE Books – Disney Princess Volume 1
different stories about Disney princesses. The long running story has been that there are no comics for kids, but there is a TON out there now.  Between stuff like this, My Little Pony, Adventure Time and Steven Universe, there is more stuff for kids than ever before.