Episode 14 – James Bond

Sequential Fiction
Sequential Fiction
Episode 14 - James Bond
Episode 14 - James Bond
Episode 14 – James Bond

This is the James Bond edition of Sequential Fiction.  In this episode Liam and Brian talk about the new James Bond film Spectre, as well as their five favourite James Bond movies of all time.  As usual there are a couple of similar movies, but a lot of differences.

Brian and Liam’s Comic Picks of the Week:

Liam’s pick of the week:

Alias, which although he hasn’t really enjoyed it, he understands how it was groundbreaking at the time, and how going back to read stuff doesn’t stand up because the style has been copied so much over time.

Brian’s Picks of the week:

Saga #31 Brian K Vaughn, Fiona Staples
Back after a hiatus, there’s once again a time jump and we’re introduced to a whole new set of circumstances.

Dark Knight III The Master Race #1 Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello
Main story art Andy Kubert, inked by Klaus Janson
Backup art by Frank Miller, inked by Klaus Janson
After the events of Dark Knight II, this one features Batman, Superman’s daughter, and Wonder Woman with a very new burden.  The first issue sets up a new status quo, and gives us a sneak peek at who might be the Master Race that the title refers to.

Liam and Brian discussed Spectre and what they thought of the latest James Bond outing.

They also each picked their top 5 best James Bond movies, there was a bit of crossover, but the lists are quite different with Liam selecting a number one that isn’t even on Brian’s top 5.

Towards the end of the episode, Liam mentioned an article from Time Magazine; Being 007: LIFE behind the scenes at James Bond Auditions.

Choices included:

  • John Richardson
  • Anthony Rogers
  • Robert Campbell
  • Hans de Vries
  • George Lazenby