About the Sequential Fiction Megacast

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Sequential Fiction is a weekly podcast dedicated to comics and pop culture.  Hosted by Brian Garside and Liam Nickerson, it features news and views about current and past comics, pop culture, gaming, conventions and more.

About the Hosts

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Brian is a lifetime comics, gaming, and graphic design fan. He learned to read from comics, and continued to read them well after everyone else had discovered girls.  In high school he worked in his dream job at Bid Time Return, a popular comics store in London Ontario, and was one of the key staff  who opened Heroes Cards and Comics in 1990.  Comics paid for his first motorcycle, his first car, his first year of college, and eventually would come full circle when in the spring of 2005, he co-founded All New Comics with Peter Fisico.

Outside of Comics, Brian is an accomplished web guru, and has built websites for companies such as TSN, The Globe and Mail, CTV, Showcase, HGTV, Food Network Canada, and the Info-Tech Research Group.

He runs a website consulting business – NorthIQ – Small Business Solutions  where he helps make businesses make smarter use of mobile and desktop websites.  He also writes on his blog briangarside.com.

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Liam’s along for the ride, he likes comics and movies and the rest of it. He’s been a designer for almost two decades and rediscovered his love for comics around 2006; and respectively their therapeutic value. Always a voracious reader, he’s stoked to share his thoughts with Brian and be part of the experiment.

Years ago in Toronto cats like Logan Lubera and Bill Marks let him in to their studios to muck around and watch them work. If he ever finds any pictures he’ll make sure to post them here, or his near complete run of Andromeda, Silver Snail’s magazine from the 70s (80s?) wilting away in storage. He wants to explore the forgotten world of Toronto during the boom and beyond.

Finally he actually liked the black costume, and says he will work on not saying “like, or “whatnot’ too much going forward, to like, the best of his ability or whatnot.