The Sequential Fiction Megacast – Comics, Movies, Games, Pop Culture

Sequential Fiction is a weekly podcast dedicated to comics, games, movies, pop culture, and MORE! It’s hosted by Brian Garside and Liam Nickerson, two friends who share a similar passion in entirely different ways.

Sequential Fiction is on a temporary hiatus while we think about what we should do in the future. A podcast is a ton of work, and while we had a great deal of fun in year one, we want to make the future even better.

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Our Greatest Hits:

Live from the Forest City Comicon

Brian and Liam podcast LIVE from the Forest City Comicon featuring special guest stars Ryan McFadden and Diana Tamblyn!

One Year Later

It’s the one year anniversary of Sequential Fiction, we talk about how our show has changed, and what our highlights are.

Cursed: Black Swan (A Fixer Novel)

Brian interviews Ryan McFadden – Author of Cursed: Black Swan – A Fixer Novel.

Top 10 Scariest Movies

In this episode, Brian and Liam talk about their ten favourite horror movies, and pair them up with appropriate comics.

Every Episode is archived along with copious show notes and custom album artwork for each episode.